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Onsen, a technically forward, yet all-natural skincare line approached DFM to create a fully unifies brand presence including naming, product development, packaging design, advertising, retail space design, e-commerce website design, and marketing strategy. Onsen products are formulated with a unique, minerally charged water that naturally occurs in thermal hot springs in northern Japan. Authentically recreated in the lab, the Onsen Micro Water Complex increases the efficacy of the active ingredients. Harnessing the power of the water, Onsen has created technically forward, natural products that address the modern concerns of aging. DFM created a branding language that harmoniously marries a modern, structured look with smooth, silky elements that reference the texture of youthful skin. Soft gradients contrasted with the solid color echo the core essence of the natural but technically forward brand.

  • Branding

  • Packaging Design

  • Website Design

  • Retail Space Design

  • Graphic Design

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