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Cosmetics & Skincare Package Design

{ Tuesday, August 20, 2013 }

This month DFM will go into deep research mode for one of our favorite product categories: cosmetics and skincare. We love to create and design for cosmetic and skincare brands because they resonate with women everywhere, and there are endless possibilities for what you can create. 

When we dive into the packaging design process, only one final option will make it onto store shelves, but we typically have created several working versions that didn't make it to the finish line. Even so, we still love each design and keep each one stored away in our vault for future reference. Below is one such design for a skincare company that we're particularly fond of. In addition, we've pulled some of our favorite package designs for cosmetics and skincare to get our creative juices flowing.

Images via:

1. DFM design for Onsen  2. Britanie Cosmetiques  3. Fresh  4. Herbivore Botanicals  5. Korres  6. Monsoon  7. Amala Beauty  8. Nars  9. MAKE Cosmetics  10.TokyoMilk

Simplistic Packaging Design

{ Friday, June 07, 2013 }

This week we are feeling particularly inspired by simplistic packaging design. Although very detailed packaging can be beautiful and intricate, sometimes simpler is better. Getting straight to the point of what the product actually is can still be effective and beautiful, even without the frills. We are advocates of minimalism, and so are these brands below. 

Images via; 

Origami Inspiration

{ Friday, January 11, 2013 }

After watching the PBS documentary, Between the Folds, all we could think about was how the art of origami could be applied to packaging design. The documentary reveals how the Japanese tradition of paper folding has redefined art and science. It is fascinating and breathtaking to see how a simple piece of paper can be transformed. As designers and creatives, our minds were racing with how we can use origami as inspiration for packaging design. Origami can be used to create unique, efficient, and gorgeous packaging. We cannot wait to use these new ideas for our next packaging project.

If you haven't seen the documentary we absolutely recommend it. You can watch it here

Killed Designs: Onsen Packaging

{ Thursday, July 12, 2012 }

We do a LOT of designing in our studio, but not all of it (not even half of it) makes the final cut. However, we love some of the designs we've made that aren't ultimately chosen by our clients. Even though these designs are "killed", they're still great work in our minds. These three package designs and logo for our skincare client, Onsen, were inspired by water - specifically light beams shooting down through the ocean and the great angles that are created as a result. Although these designs weren't actually "finalized" (since they weren't chosen - if they had been, we probably would have played around more with the color palette), they were a great first draft of a fantastic idea.

Water images from top to bottom: 1. Wallpapers Craft  2. Unity 3D  3. Beams of Sunlight on Ocean
4. Flickriver  5. Miss Modish Blog

Packaging and logo designs by Drawing From Memory

Amazing Angles

{ Thursday, April 26, 2012 }

Lately we've noticed a theme to our favorite sources of inspiration: angles. Whether it's fashion, interior design, architecture, or art, we love interesting angles. They're so simple, yet still visually striking. Check out some of our favorites below...

Images via:

1. Cardboard installation by Clemens Behr, via Urban Art Core  2. Boxes via Remain Simple  3. Blocks by Evonne Bellefleur & Caitlin Doherty via Plenty of Colour  4. House by Filip Dujardin via Revolution is My Boyfriend  5. MS Cafe by Wunderteam via Deezen  6. Map by David Lu via This is Colossal  7. Paper gem by Lisa Hamilton via Present and Correct 8. Necklace via Remain Simple  9. Glass bottle via A Day in the Life of Nobody

Gourmet Gift Box Packaging

{ Monday, January 09, 2012 }

The holidays may be over, but we still are enjoying these pretty gift boxes from The Dirty Apron. Gourmet food, fresh ingredients, and cute packaging - what's not to like?

Click here to visit The Dirty Apron blog.

creative gift box packaging

Images and article via The Dieline

Italian Picnic Basket Invitation

{ Wednesday, January 04, 2012 }

After a brief hiatus recovering from our travels and all the amazing holiday and new year's food we ate, we are finally back in the swing of things in Los Angeles. This pretty picnic basket invitation from Charleston, South Carolina is a very welcoming greeting to 2012 indeed! Designed and printed by Sideshow Press in South Carolina on a pony sized 1926 letterpress, the invitations were created for a private dinner gathering of the finest chefs in the Charleston area. We love the inventiveness of this invitation, but what's even better is that Sideshow Press is a collaboration of a few women who love what they do and are passionate about great design. Sounds familiar! Happy 2012 everyone!

All images via The Dieline

Pretty Dutch Packaging

{ Tuesday, December 27, 2011 }

Dutch cosmetics brand Dr van der Hoog recently decided to radically reposition their brand with some new packaging. Creative network nu:amsterdam created the identity for the product line, which has over 60 different items (and 60 different packages!) We love what they ended up with - it's young, fresh, and lovely. cosmetics packaging

Article and images via The Dieline

Lady Gaga, Queen of Branding

{ Tuesday, December 13, 2011 }

Just when it seems that Lady Gaga could't possibly get any more famous, this year she's taken on a new role to make her devoted fans love and adore her even more than they already do: Santa Claus. From November 21st- January 2nd, Gaga has infiltrated Barneys New York on Madison Avenue in NYC to open up her "avant-garde interpretation of Santa's workshop", aptly named: Gaga's Workshop. Described by Gaga as "a 'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' moment, all whimsical and fun with a sense of art and fashion," the workshop is open to all of Gaga's little monsters (apparently that's what Gaga fans call themeselves), but only a very lucky few were granted admittance to the VIP opening event with a Gaga "golden ticket" invitation. Design Packaging, Inc. was given just 8 weeks to conceptualize, design, and finalize a showstopping invitation worthy of both the Queen of pop AND luxury retailer Barneys. Holy mother monster. Major shout out to Creative Director Evelio Mattos and the design team for producing the final invitation below -somehow it simultaneously communicates sophistication and absolute drug-induced mania, with definite notes of Tim Burton's Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Great work team, we're impressed!

Below, some photos of the grand opening, other branding elements (like an entire fleet of Gaga themed NYC taxis!), and the interior of the workshop. To see more, visit www.gagasworkshop.com.

To read the full article from The Dieline, click here.

Invitation photos via The Dieline

Workshop photos via:

1&6. The Huffington Post  2. NY Daily News  3. Save Delete  4. Fashion Indie  5. Harper's Bazaar

Inside the DFM Studio...

{ Tuesday, July 26, 2011 }

We've been busy at work in the DFM studio the last few weeks on a great package project for an interior design client - at least our project is colorful!

Messy Office
Interior Design Project

Photo © JW

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