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Vintage Photo Shoot Inspiration

{ Monday, October 15, 2012 }

We've been busy worker bees these past few weeks, and our poor blog has been feeling a little neglected! Nobody puts baby in the corner (or, more accurately: we can't put our blog in the corner for long before we begin to miss it and feel terrible for not attending to its needs!).The DFM calendar is packed with a ton of fun in the next few months. First up is a launch / holiday photo shoot for our client that is the retailer of vintage / vintage inspired engagement rings later this week. Before any photo shoot, we always make a mood board to capture the feeling and aesthetic we're aiming for (which also helps us buy awesome props, I might add). Here's our mood board for the upcoming shoot: vintage meets modern paired with love, stunning jewelry, and just a little quirkiness. Can't wait!

All images via Trunk Archive

June Wedding Inspiration

{ Friday, August 24, 2012 }

Today, our Marketing Strategist (Kelly) is headed back home to Minneapolis to help her sister with a daunting task that was bestowed upon her back in April: Wedding Planning. Kelly's sister got engaged a few months ago, and has absolutely no idea what she's doing. Naturally, she called on Kelly to help her - by far the most creative in their family, who also happens to be surrounded daily by the other creative women of DFM. Although the wedding isn't until June, Kelly's been mood boarding like crazy to try to give her sister exactly what she's looking for. After MUCH debate (and let's not kid ourselves, probably many more changes will be made to the design direction in the near future), here is the somewhat final moodboard that the wedding will be designed around. Late spring in Minnesota is amazingly beautiful, and these pale neutrals with pops of bright color, rustic wood accents, and polaroid photos should be the perfect compliment to the season. Cheers!

Images via: 1. Style Me Pretty  2. Style Me Pretty  3. Martha Stewart Weddings  4. With Style & Grace  5. Style Me Pretty  6. Style Me Pretty  7. Style Me Pretty  8. Style Me Pretty

Romantic Vintage Logos

{ Friday, August 10, 2012 }

This week in the studio we're hard at work trying to create the perfect logo that says "vintage romance" in a modern, contemporary way. We love these black & white logos because they have an old-world feel, but they still feel relevant and packed with emotional appeal . Paired with these black and white photos of couples in love? Swoon.

Images via: 1. What Makes True Love  2. Ray Vellest  3. Creative Confab  4. Designspiration  5. Pinterest  6. Designer Blog  7. Graphic Exchange  8. Designspiration  9. Beautiful Weddings  10. Ray Vellest  11. Graphic Exchange

The Engagement

{ Friday, July 20, 2012 }

We've got a new client that we're in love with because we get to do visual research on that moment every girl dreams about at some point in her life: the engagement. Without divulging too many details, we're creating a logo, brand identity, and website for an LA company that will sell mostly vintage and vintage inspired engagement rings via the internet (no physical retail space - an interesting and progressive concept for this market). Needless to say, the visual research so far has been pure fun - just another reason we absolutely love our jobs.

See the rest of our inspirational photos on our pinterest board, The Engagement.

Images via: 1. Bluebird Vintage  2. Zsa Zsa Bellagio  3. Monaux  4. Green Wedding Shoes  5. The Lost Classics  6&7. Zsa Zsa Bellagio  8. Anna Sheffield  9. Zsa Zsa Bellagio 10. The Flower Shop

Home Grown Dahlias

{ Tuesday, July 17, 2012 }

A few fresh cut dahlias from the garden make the living room instantly happy. If you're on Instagram, follow us @drawingfrommemory!

Blogger of the Week: A Well Traveled Woman

{ Thursday, May 17, 2012 }

This week's Blogger of The Week goes to Bekah Stewart of A Well Traveled Woman on Tumblr. She's a tomboy and mother of two from Louisville that loves coffee, yoga, gardening, her children, the outdoors, and adventuring, among many other things. She's got a wonderful aesthetic on her mainly photo driven Tumblr blog, with photos of the great outdoors, art, and food. We don't often have a ton of time to scour the internet for beautiful photos and inspiration when we're working against a deadline, and A Well Traveled Woman is often one of the first places we check. See the blog here, and read the article about Bekah on TOMBOYstyle here.

All images via A Well Traveled Woman on Tumblr

The Cutest Vintage Stove

{ Tuesday, November 22, 2011 }

It may be 65 degrees in LA, but that's not stopping us from making our office a little warmer (and cuter!) We're pretty sure this is the cutest little white stove we've ever seen. We can't stop staring at it! And how perfect is this for the holidays? I think we're in love...

white vintage stove

Photo © JW

Website of the Week: Mrs. Lilien Styling House

{ Thursday, November 17, 2011 }

Mrs. Lilien (aka Kelley Lilien) is the graphic designer, stylist, and blogger mastermind behind The Mrs. Lilien Styling House, our website of the week (http://blog.mrslilien.com). Mrs. Lilien: "applauds luxury and anything red-letter. She delights in the good life, because it's just better. With boundless enthusiasm and an exuberantly sunny disposition, she just might knock your socks off with her MRS intuition." We're hooked already.

mrs. lilien blog

This blog stands out not only for the content, bright colors, and diamonds (love!), but also for the awesome rhymes. Mrs. Lilien, unlike any other blogger we've ever seen, writes her posts exclusively in rhymes. Like this post (below) about hair styling - it reads: "I consider myself a bit of a vanity ritualist - in other words, a serious beauty habitualist. There are few things as satisfying than holding court at the vanity - and playing the '...who's the fairest of them all?" fantasy. Mirror questions aside, this ritual is rather paramount - it's honoring the pleasures of beautification on every account. I have my coveted pleasures, some of which I'll share - these ones in particular are centered around my hair." How awesome is that?!

rhyming blog

The look of each post is fantastic. The entire blog looks and feels fun, professional, and stylish - and like a single post may have taken HOURS to research and create. Having a blog of our own, we really respect that! It's a time consuming process to maintain a blog, and to keep it looking fabulous. Our hats off to you, Mrs. Lilien!

And who can forget her home site, www.mrslilien.com? Although the blog is more fun, we love the look of her styling site (and all the work she's done!). Major kudos to NYC based Peniferella Creative for the website design. We love it!

Mrs. Lilien styling house

All images via Mrs. Lilien

Custom Chalk Art

{ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 }

What a fun job! Dana Tanamachi, a graphic designer living in Brooklyn, makes her living as a custom chalk letterer. Yep, that's right - she makes awesome, large-scale, custom chalk art for a living. She's so good that she's been commissioned by big name clients like West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, Addidas, Every Day with Rachael Ray, and more. We love it! We want something for our office!

custom chalk art

All images via DanaTanamachi.com

Website of the Week: BHLDN

{ Thursday, November 10, 2011 }

This week we're loving a new discovery: BHLDN by Urban Outfitters Inc. (www.bhldn.com). It's basically Anthropologie for weddings and other special occasions, so obviously we're obsessed. Here's how the company describes it: 

"BHLDN offers brides, party goers, and party throwers an inspired alternative for life's most anticipated milestones. Catering to a small coterie of smart, creative women and focused on personalization, BHLDN goes beyond the wedding dress — bringing together inspiration, community, and a compelling, original product assortment."

Launched in February 2011, BHLDN is still really new, but we like what we see! So far, only one physical store exists, and it's in Houston. But more are coming soon (we think Los Angeles is an obvious choice!)


We love the look they've created for their brand. The bride they cater to is obviously not your typical bride - she's eclectic, creative, and non-conformist. 

BHLDN moodboards

BHLDN creates moodboards to give brides inspiration - we pulled two of our favorites (above). The photography throughout the whole site is really strong. It's similar to Anthropologie, but it's a little more artistic.

We couldn't resist - here are a few of our favorites!

anthropologie wedding

All images via BHLDN

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