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Earth Day Green

{ Tuesday, April 22, 2014 }

April 22nd is Earth Day, and to celebrate, we are showing off some of our favorite earthy, natural, green inspiration from Pinterest. From food to foliage, we think nature makes some lovely shades of green!

Images via:

1. Paper & Stitch  2. 100 Layer Cake  3. Alexandra Kehayoglou handmade rugs  4. My Name is Yeh  5. Smitten Studio  6. Hearth Studio  7. Nest Together  8. Tec Petaja


{ Thursday, September 12, 2013 }

Images via:

1. Shop Le Monde  2. Etsy-By Luciana M  3. Katie Stoops Photography  4. style.com 

White & Colorful

{ Monday, July 08, 2013 }

We are currently in the midst of a branding and web design project for a wonderful new client that is a lifestyle blog. Our inspiration is to make the site fresh, bold and fun. Here are some images from our original moodboard research. As with any site, this will grow and change, but so far we are loving the theme of white and colorful. 

Images via: 

1. See Heart Pin  2. Envelopes  3. Desktop  4. Orange Stools  5. Turquoise Kitchen  6. Blue Kitchen  7. Flowers

Living in Color - Hot Red Orange

{ Wednesday, September 12, 2012 }

Love these flowers in Pantone Warm Red C from Pike's Place Market in Seattle. What an amazing color!

SB Palette Perfection

{ Tuesday, September 04, 2012 }

Last week we were lucky enough to have an out of town client, Stephanie Bradshaw, come visit us in LA for a two-day intense design collaboration. Stephanie is the creative force behind Stephanie Bradshaw Events & Interiors based out of Baltimore, and she's also quite the up-and-coming fashion/interior/lifestyle blogger for her fantastic daily blog. While she was here, we put our heads together to choose a color palette for her own SB Inspired line - the next chapter of Stephanie's exciting career. We ended up with soft white, champagne, gold, and lavender for the main palette, and we're loving every minute of it. Visit Stephanie's blog by clicking here to see what she's up to in her studio!

Strawberry Fields

{ Tuesday, August 21, 2012 }

These delicious strawberries in Pantone 485 C are one of the things we love most about summer.

A Touch of Neon

{ Thursday, August 16, 2012 }

It's no secret that we love neutrals at DFM. White, grey, & black - mixed with wood, metal, & tan... no matter which way you throw the dice, we love us some neutrals. Coming from a group of women that usually shy away from the brights, you would think we'd be very anti-neon. Au contraire! We like neon best when there's just a hint of it - a table leg here, a dip-dye there. Neon can add an amazing amount of interest to anything it touches, be it packaging, fashion, interiors, etc. Just keep the dosage to a minimum.

Images via: 1. BP&O  2. Desire to Inspire  3. Miss Moss  4. The Neon Hive  5. ShelterBlack  6. The Latest Story  7. Wind and Willow Home on Etsy  8. Little Ink  9. Oh So Beautiful Paper  10. ShelterBlack

Pepto Pink

{ Monday, August 13, 2012 }

We love color, but every once in a while, we find one that really just rubs us the wrong way. Pantone 176 C: the worst of the most popular colors out there. Walk into any store with an aisle devoted to little girls (especially toys) and the entire thing is pretty much guaranteed to be covered in the ugliest, chalkiest version of baby pink. At DFM, we're all women and we know a thing or two about marketing, so we get it. We know it sells. But we're also a bunch of women who spent our childhoods playing on the boys team for as long as they would let us, climbing trees (while skinning our knees), and building lego castles instead of planning our barbie wedding - even then we laughed in the face of baby pink and insisted we were allergic to it just to avoid the color altogether. Know what else is this exact color? Pepto Bismol. Coincidence? We think not.

Image via My Crazy Adoption

Swatch The Throne

{ Thursday, June 14, 2012 }

It's no secret we love the Queen of England. We're also devoted users of Pantone - hardly a project goes by around here where we don't consult our swatch books. Imagine our delight when we discovered Pantone decided team up with Leo Burnett London to come out with a swatch book inspired by all the bright, monochromatic ensembles the Queen has worn over the years... SO. COOL. Check out the entire swatch set and our favorite Queen pantone colors below.

Images via:

Swatch set image from Yazter, Swatch closeup from Hypeness

Aged Copper

{ Monday, February 20, 2012 }

This photo, shot by London based photographer Tim Walker (top left, below) is one of our all-time favorites. While some may call it mint, others say it's seafoam green or even aqua - either way, we're inspired by this beautiful color.

Images from top left:

1. Tim Walker via Etoday  2. Things Are Looking Up by Melanie Alexandria via Etsy  3.  Kreative Knack Blog  4. Design*Sponge  5. The Water Monopoly  6. Flower and Flour  7. Who What Wear via Pinterest  8. Mint Green Wall by Varve via Flickr

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