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Stunning Still Life Photography

{ Monday, November 04, 2013 }

November is here and the temperature is finally starting to drop here in Los Angeles. We're starting to prepare for the upcoming holiday season by creating some ads and other photography for our client, Trumpet & Horn, inspired by dark, stunning still life photography. See some of our favorites below!

Images via:

1. Bas Meeuws via Photography Served  2. Pinterest  3. Colleen Farrell via Flickr  4. Marcel Christ via Trendland  5. Paulette Tavormina via Bon Appetit  6. Citrus Still Life via Speckyboy  7. Kevin Best via DzineWatch  8. Julia Gartland via Sassy Kitchen  9. Kevin Best via Flicker  10. Girl in London on Tumblr

Ladies of Lettering

{ Monday, September 23, 2013 }

 Most of our work at the DFM office requires us to rely on our beloved computers but that doesn't mean we don't go gaga over beautiful handiwork. We're in love with these female letterers and just can't get enough of their amazing work.

Jessica Hische

images via jessicahische.is

Dana Tanamachi

images via: Tanamachi Studio

Molly Jacques

images via: The Every Girl

Hipster Statues

{ Tuesday, July 16, 2013 }

These comical hipster-dressed classical statues really do speak for themeselves. The brain-child of photographer Leo Caillard and photo retoucher Alexis Persani, these odd mash-ups prove that anything old can be made new again. 

Images via: Today I Learned Something

James Turrell at LACMA

{ Monday, July 01, 2013 }

Last week, Jen went to the James Turrell exhibit (entitled "A Retrospective") at LACMA and said it just about blew her mind. Turrell was a key artist in the Southern California Light and Space movement of the 1960's and 70's, and the exhibit features work spanning over 50 years of his long career. The exhibit features geometric light projections, installations exploring sensory deprivation, and some of his more recent work with holograms. Jen is already planning a return visit to experience the separate, interactive Turrell piece also featured at LACMA - "Light Reignfall": a freestanding, enclosed spherical chamber that the viewer actually climbs into (laying on a sliding bed) for a 12 minute experience illustrating the intense power of light. Since the work can only be viewed one person at a time, space is limited and reservations are necessary (but call soon, it's already booked up through mid-October!) For more information, visit LACMA's website, here.

Images via:

1 & 2. LA Canvas  3. LA County  4. GIF by Christine On Her Own

Matthew Brandt Photography

{ Friday, February 08, 2013 }

Matthew Brandt is a Los Angeles photographer that's really caught our eye with his unique "Lakes and Reservoirs" photo series. A California native, Brandt specializes in startlingly beautiful interpretations of traditional landscapes. He shoots landscapes (all of them involving water), then soaks the prints in his darkroom with water that he has collected from the same body of water captured in each photograph, anywhere from a few days to a few months. Brandt usually has no idea how a photo will turn out before he starts - it often depends on the amount of sediment found in the water, which can create really interesting and beautiful effects on the final piece. In some of Brandt's other work, he has used a variety of unconventional materials like candy, dead insects, and tree branches to achieve the strange effects in his pieces. Whatever the method, we're loving it. See a few of our favorite photos by Matthew Brandt, below.

All photos via Matthew Brandt Photography

Design Blog of the Week: This is Paper

{ Friday, December 14, 2012 }

This week's design blog of the week goes to This is Paper. This is Paper curates a well rounded collection of architecture, product design, fashion design, interior design, fine art, graphic design, and photography. The blog features works that reflects an elegant and delicate design aesthetic full of soft pastels and neutrals complemented by clean lines and a touch of wood here and there. Aside from This is Paper's impeccable taste, we want to highlight that the blog often showcases student work. It is nice to see young artists and designers with fresh new ideas and even nicer to see well-known blogs recognizing the importance of supporting the up and coming not just the established. 

All Images via This is Paper

Get Warped!

{ Tuesday, November 27, 2012 }

The "warped" look is a current design trend that is translating to new art forms such as photography and fine art. The style first emerged as scanner manipulation and evolved into the aesthetic style seen in the images below. It is interesting that artists and designers are just starting to explore warped and organic forms when Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi mastered the style in the late 1800s. To see some of the master's work click here

All images via Tumblr 

James Nares Brushstroke Art

{ Wednesday, June 06, 2012 }

Flipping through a recent issue of InStyle, an article about British painter James Nares caught our eye. We've been working with calligraphy and brushstrokes for a client of ours, and his work looks very similar to a lot of the inspirational photos we've been pulling. Most of Nares' canvases measure at least 7 feet across and start at $65,000 (wow), but Coach was quick to jump on the Nares bandwagon and is offering a limited edition tote bag (175 pieces per color) featuring the signature brushstroke for about $800 a pop. We like!

Images via: 1. ...etc  2. Lucky Magazine  3. Interview Magazine  4. Delta Hunter Gallery  5. Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts  6. Durham Press  7. Senior & Shopmaker  8. Design in Bloom

Inspired by Water

{ Tuesday, May 08, 2012 }

We've been doing a lot of research on water recently for our client that has a skincare line based on Japanese hot springs... check out some of our favorite inspiration photos below!

Images via:

1. Photo by Alexandra Valenti via Design*Sponge  2. Photo via Godammit I'm Mad  3. Photo by Mary Ellen Bartley via Elements of Style  4. Photo by David Burdeny via Le Territoire Des Sens  5. Piece by Andreas Schimanski via Flickr  6. Photo via Just Monk3y  7. Photo via Push The Movement  8. Photo by Shinichi Maruyama via Never Yet Melted

Blogger of the Week: Remain Simple

{ Thursday, May 03, 2012 }

A few weeks ago, we noticed that a lot of our collective pins on Pinterest were coming from a Tumblr blog called Remain Simple. As far as sites go, it's very simple (how fitting) - plain white background, two columns on the main page, largely photo driven with user comments / responses under a few postings. The content, however, is what's remarkable on this particular blog - every post aligns with our aesthetic almost perfectly. She posts art, architecture, fashion, jewelry, interiors; you name it. Clearly we love it, so we started following her somewhat regularly. That's when we discovered the one-two-punch behind this particular blog - Kathryn, the mastermind behind Remain Simple, is a 16 year old girl (she's a junior in high school). Um... what?! We're just that much more impressed. Here's a small sampling of what Kathryn has posted in the last week. Click the link below to check out what else inspires Kathryn (and us): remainsimple.tumblr.com.

All images via Remain Simple

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