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Fashion Website Design

{ Friday, August 09, 2013 }

The DFM office sits in the fashion district of Downtown Los Angeles, so it's no surprise that the ladies of DFM take a special interest in fashion. We've been designing fashion websites for quite some time now, and one thing we've noticed that hasn't changed yet is a well designed, user-friendly website can make or break your brand. In this day and age, every fashion company out there is realizing they need an e-commerce presence online, but it doesn't stop there. People are starting to shop on their tablets and smartphones just as often as on their desktops, which means designing with different browser sizes in mind is CRUCIAL to repsenting your fashion brand well. Oh, and did we mention Flash isn't supported on iPads or iPhones? You would be surprised at how many fashion websites continue to use Flash. Our job at DFM is to make sure the clothes are shown off in the best way possible, no matter how you shop. We've designed quite a few fashion websites over the years, but one of our favorites still is Southern California fashion darling Heidi Merrick.

Heidi Merrick is a Los Angeles based fashion designer who has been on the radar of Vogue, Lucky and C magazines. Her website is designed to the hilt with a sophisticated e-commerce store and portfolio. With full bleed video, images, and slide shows, this sites reaches beyond the boundaries of web 2.0 into the 3.0 realm. The new website showcases Merrick’s designs without impeding upon her large ambient visual graphics. It also has straightforward navigation so that visitors can view all of Merrick’s pages without any frustration. With style and fashion trends constantly shifting, Merrick can easily update and edit her collections and online shop to meet the needs of her business. See her website by visiting www.heidimerrick.com.

Minimalist Website Design

{ Thursday, August 01, 2013 }

Minimalist, classic, and simple website design will always be in style. When you're trying to show off an amazing product, often times a simpler design is actually better. Too much design can take away from something that doesn't need any bells and whistles to show off how great it is. A white background, simple navigation, and clean lines make up the basic components of a minimalist website. Our favorite minimalist design from our own portfolio is the e-commerce website we designed for furniture designer duo Lawson-Fenning.

The new website we designed for designer team Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning showcases the modern styling of mid-century Californian and Scandinavian design that makes up the key aesthetic of their furniture line. Given direction to make the site clean, sophisticated, and simple, we designed the website to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece. Complete with simple, easy navigation and hundreds of new photos, the site uses HTML instead of Flash (not compatible with the iPad), making it an exciting improvement for the brand. See the live site at www.lawsonfenning.com.

Website of the Week: Karen Walker

{ Thursday, March 15, 2012 }

We love fashion designer Karen Walker's website mainly because it's responsive to different size browsers. We run into this problem all the time, especially when we're developing sites that need both a desktop and a mobile version. Karen Walker's site is completely responsive to the size of the browser (see the difference in the first two screen shots below), making for a great full bleed experience no matter what device you're on. Very, very smart. The overall layout of the home page is great as well - we really like how the entire space is taken up with all the different sections of her line. And to top it all off, Walker's designs are beautiful! Click here to see the site in action.

Images via Karen Walker

Website of the Week: Castor & Pollux

{ Thursday, February 09, 2012 }

This week we're admiring the website of New York's Castor & Pollux (www.castorandpolluxstore.com). Founder Kerrilynn moved to New York City from Oregon about 10 years ago to pursue a career in design, and founded Castor & Pollux as a place to represent what she believes design and living are all about: leading exceptionally beautiful and inspired lives. Not only do we like her brand philosophy, but we also really like the way her e-commerce shop functions - the way you shop by clicking through the products as they fade in and out is creative, and something we really haven't seen much of before. Click here to take a quick look and see for yourself!

The Cutest Chalk By Numbers

{ Monday, December 12, 2011 }

It's a rainy Monday morning in Los Angeles, and we needed a little cuteness boost to get the day going. We found it at the Dirtsa Studio shop on Etsy, which has the cutest chalk by numbers art ever! The name Dirtsa is "Astrid" spelled backwards - the name of the shop owner's grandmother, who was also an artist. A Yale graduate, Becky worked as a Display Coordinator for our beloved Anthropologie for two years before leaving to "explore creativity on (her) own terms", and now resides in New Jersey where she makes all the cuteness you see on Etsy. We love that, yes we do. To visit the Dirtsa Studio shop, click here.

All images via the Dirtsa Studio shop on Etsy

Website of the Week: Lawson Fenning Shop

{ Thursday, December 08, 2011 }

It seems like Thanksgiving was just yesterday, so we can hardly believe Christmas is just about two weeks away already! We're so not prepared... but now we've got gifts on the mind. Our website of the week, the Lawson-Fenning online shop (www.lawsonfenning.com/shop), is a great place to look for just about anyone who appreciates gifts for the home that are both beautiful and functional. (And who doesn't love that, right?). For those of you in the LA area, Lawson-Fenning's shop in Silver Lake is an absolute must visit. With an eclectic and always changing collection of books, baskets, art, pillows, candles, throws, and various odds & ends - pretty much everything in the store catches our eye. But if, like us, you're way too busy to actually take the time to go out and shop, or if you live too far away - no worries. Lawson-Fenning offers free shipping on orders of $100+ and after looking at what they have to offer, we know we can spend that easily. Spending only $100 would be showing major restraint, we think. After a preliminary browse, we're thinking linen dishtowels for mom, agate bookends for the sister, and an iron bottle opener for the brother-in-law. Merry Christmas everyone! 

(Oh, and I almost forgot - yes, we designed the site. Not that we're biased or anything... but we love this place!)

Lawson-Fenning gifts

All images via Lawson-Fenning

Website of the Week: BHLDN

{ Thursday, November 10, 2011 }

This week we're loving a new discovery: BHLDN by Urban Outfitters Inc. (www.bhldn.com). It's basically Anthropologie for weddings and other special occasions, so obviously we're obsessed. Here's how the company describes it: 

"BHLDN offers brides, party goers, and party throwers an inspired alternative for life's most anticipated milestones. Catering to a small coterie of smart, creative women and focused on personalization, BHLDN goes beyond the wedding dress — bringing together inspiration, community, and a compelling, original product assortment."

Launched in February 2011, BHLDN is still really new, but we like what we see! So far, only one physical store exists, and it's in Houston. But more are coming soon (we think Los Angeles is an obvious choice!)


We love the look they've created for their brand. The bride they cater to is obviously not your typical bride - she's eclectic, creative, and non-conformist. 

BHLDN moodboards

BHLDN creates moodboards to give brides inspiration - we pulled two of our favorites (above). The photography throughout the whole site is really strong. It's similar to Anthropologie, but it's a little more artistic.

We couldn't resist - here are a few of our favorites!

anthropologie wedding

All images via BHLDN

Website of the Week: South of Market

{ Thursday, October 27, 2011 }

This week, we're loving the South of Market blog (www.southofmarket.biz/blog). South of Market, headed by interior designer Kay Douglass, is an eclectic interior design shop with stores in Atlanta and Charleston, as well as an e-commerce store online. The blog is mostly interior design inspiration with a little fashion, style, and art thrown in. We love the clean look and the amazing amount of photos - they really do speak for themselves.

South of Market blog

We also enjoy their attention to detail, like on the post below. The addition of the paper behind the photos adds a delicate, vintage touch that we adore. We'll definitely keep South of Market on our favorite blogs list!

vintage blog style

Website of the Week: Totokaelo

{ Thursday, October 20, 2011 }

Totokaelo (TOH-toh-KYE-oh) derives its name from the Latin phrase "toto caelo", meaning "reaching to the edge of the stars." What began in 2003 as a small boutique in Seattle, Totokaelo.com was launched by owner Jill Wenger in June 2008. According to the website, Totokaelo serves two purposes: SHOP and TALK. 

SHOP: Its purpose is to source the strongest artists and thinkers in the fashion world today, editing the collections they carry to represent their aesthetic, always choosing pieces that are timeless, versatile, and well crafted. 

TALK: They encourage the free exchange of information through a private community of like-minded individuals. Through Totokaelo.com, community members have access to women who share an interest in the same designers.

We love this idea as much as we love the look and feel of the website itself. 


The site is very simple, clean, and shows off the clothes well. Product pages have multiple views of each piece, relevant measurement details, the size the model is wearing, and the measurements / usual sizes of the model. The "Comments and Questions" section is displayed right there on the page with no need to click through to see it, and has information about the items that members have shared.

Fashion community Seattle

We're also loving the community aspect of the website. You can actually create a member profile, and members can interact with each other both within and outside of the website. Members come from all over, including internationally, with perhaps a little less than half hailing from the boutique's home base of Seattle.

Totokaelo designers

Finally, Totokaelo makes sure to showcase the designers they carry. Each designer has his/her own page with a short bio and photo. Especially important for up and coming young designers, these pages help to understand the story of the person behind the clothes we love. Not only are the stories inspiring, but they help foster the sense of community Totokaelo has worked hard to create. We're in love!

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