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We are so excited to announce the feature on Refinery29 showcasing the business cards we designed for our client Rachel Hollis, owner of The Chic lifestyle blog. Our cards made the top of the stack, according to Refinery29, and even made it onto the homepage! We couldn't help but share with you the other insanely cool business cards we've made for our clients, so check them out!

Black, White, & Romance

{ Monday, March 17, 2014 }

This month the DFM team has been busily working on branding a new line of luxury candles made here in Los Angeles. We've explored several looks for the line: classic, edgy, vintage, contemporary - and we're very happy with how the look and feel is turning out! One look we love that didn't quite make the final cut is black, white and romantic. It's black and white, slightly geometric styling made soft and pretty through the use of pastels in shades of peach, pink, apricot, and blue. While it didn't end up being perfect for our client, it was too lovely to go to waste! See our inspiration below.

Images via:

1. Aesop packaging from My Little Fabric  2. Pinterest  3. Chloe book via Anthropologie  4. Viktor & Rolf dress from Love at First Blush  5. Branding suite by Nicole Dalton  6. Pinterest  7. 2014 Marble Planner by Julia Kostreva via Need Supply  8. Caru Skincare Packaging from The Dieline  9. Mjolk perfume by Andrea Maack  10. Balenciaga perfume ad from Marie-Leigh

The Gilded Jungle

{ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 }

It's been a busy few months here at DFM! The new year has brought some exciting new projects along with it, and the DFM team is ecstatic to dive right in head first. This month we're busily working on a branding, strategy, and design project for a new brand of rum headquartered here in LA that is due to launch in the new few months. Paying homage to the product's origins in Panama, we've dubbed the look "The Gilded Jungle", bringing the best of the jungle to the luxury laid back lifestyle of Southern California. Below is just a taste of our branding journey as we give the brand a unique identity. Next up is our packaging designs to communicate the look and feel... stay tuned for more!

Images via:

1. MySoBe  2. Nautical Decor Store   3. Celebrate Mag  4. KanyeSex Tumblr  5. The Dieline  6. Arper  7. Pinterest  8. Sarah Sarna  9. Pinterest  10. Brit + Co.  11. Trendhunter

Pinterest is the shiny new toy of the social media world. It’s only been around since March 2010 and it’s already giving the other big social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube and Google+ a run for their money. No, it’s not bigger than Facebook, but it IS a big deal - especially for those of us in design-centric industries where photos of our creations take center stage. Here are some tips we pulled on how to be REALLY good on Pinterest (and increase your website traffic while you’re at it!) 

1. SEO applies to Pinterest too!

You can optimize your Pinterest profile with the same keywords you used on your website to help potential new clients find you via Pinterest and your home site.* It’s not hard, just a bit tedious. Here are the main points:

  • Change your URL to help people find you. Just click on “Settings” in the upper right hand corner.
  • Fill our your profile description based on who you are and what you do, making sure to include those keywords. Also, remember to list your website - don’t make people guess at your home siteURL. 

  • Use keywords in your own boards and your board descriptions. Instead of “Ooooh So Pretty”, try “Summer Wedding Inspiration” instead. To change an existing board title, click on a board, then click “Edit”.
  • Make sure every image you pin has a link (especially those from your own website, or your own photos - not someone else’s repins). To edit, click the “Edit” button from the pin, and fill out the info there.
  • Use keywords in the description of everything you pin and repin, but don’t be spammy. One or two keywords that help your photos get found will suffice. Love that cute kitten photo? Try using “Cute kitten!” instead of just “So cute!!!” in the description. 

*Haven’t optimized your website yet? Read our SEO Cheat Sheet that was published on Design*Sponge in 2011 to read more about WHY it’s so important and HOW to go about it: 


2. Find out what people are pinning from your website

It’s possible to see WHAT people are pinning from your website, as well as WHO is pinning. It’s simple: Type this into a browser window: http://pinterest.com/source/yoursitename.com/

And you get this: 

Use this information to drive future website and blog content. The more you know what people are liking (and pinning) from your site, the better off you will be! 

3. Add the “Pin It” button to your website and blog

Make it easy for people to pin things from your site. If they have to scroll all the way over to the “Pin It” bookmark saved somewhere at the bottom of their Bookmarks Bar, they may just abandon ship entirely.

Make it easy - with a “Pin It” button staring them in the face, who could resist? A little reminder doesn’t hurt, either. If it’s a blog, add the button to every single post. 

4. Add a Pinterest feed to your website, blog, or Facebook Page 

Show people a preview of what you love without having to visit your Pinterest page (or if they are NOT on Pinterest yet, give them a preview of what they’re missing out on).

If you’re using Wordpress, there is a plugin called the Pinterest RSS Widget that makes this easy to do. We pull one of our boards through to our Facebook page with a little wizarding magic... give us a call if you’re interested in having us do this for you too!

P.S. Did you know? 83% of Pinterest users are women. If your target audience is largely made up of women, do yourself a favor and use Pinterest to help drive your business! 

5. Start Using Viraltag 

Have you ever been at the beach on a Saturday afternoon mentally kicking yourself for not remembering to pin a few things before grabbing your beach bag and sashaying out the door? Well, there’s an app for that.

It’s called “Viraltag”, and it allows you to schedule pins to come out for those times when you just can’t be at the computer. Taking a vacation? You’re covered. Have an important date planned (including a full two hours to decide what to wear)? Viraltag’s got your back.

Head over to Viraltag.com and sign up for your free trial. Scheduling pins is easy - find that perfect image to pin, and hit the Viraltag button from your favorites bar (check out details on their website for how to get it there). Pick your day, time, and board, and you’re finished. You don’t ever have to feel guilty for not being near your computer during prime pinning times again. Hop on Viraltag and have your whole day of pins scheduled in just 15-30 minutes. 

6. And a Few More Helpful Tips... 

There are a few more helpful tips for Pinterest we’ve picked up that are so simple, yet downright GENIUS:

1. If it’s appropriate (and you’re comfortable with it), use a picture of you (or someone from your company) as your profile picture instead of a logo. People engage with a brand or website more if they can see the (wo)man behind the curtain. The more engaging you can be, the better! 

2. Make your pins long/tall instead of wide. Pinterest caps the width of all photos, but not the height. Make your pins tall to take up more real-estate on someone’s home feed. Just watch out for really long pins, as Pinterest just rolled out a new “expand pin” feature if the pin goes over a certain length - so make them long, just keep the really important stuff above the cut-off. An aspect ratio of 2:3 is good, 1:2 is better, and 1:3+ will really make a splash! 

3. Pin during times of high traffic. Weekends (Saturday morning and Sunday evening) are typically good times to pin, as well as the late night, “I can’t sleep so I’m wasting time on Pinterest” hours of 8PM-1AM on week days. 

4. Pin things that are RED. This is sort of a strange tip, but pins that are predominantly RED tend to get repinned very often. Whether it’s because red is the color of Pinterest’s logo, or because red is an intense, eye grabbing color - your guess is as good as ours.

5. Pin little and often. Feeling like we are being “spammed” on social media is never a positive thing. Engaging with your audience is GOOD, but too much social media activity can actually be a little annoying. To avoid a potential brand overload, pin a little bit at a time, and do it often. Pinning this way means your pins aren’t concentrated in the “feed” all at once; they will show up scattered throughout as a pinner scrolls down. In a perfect world, you would pin throughout the day with 10-20 minutes in between each pin, concentrating on times of high traffic (hint: use Pingraphy!) Sometimes we just don’t have the time to pin “perfectly”, and that’s okay. But instead of sitting down for an hour and pinning like a madwoman, try to do only 5-10 pins at a time, and aim to pin a little every hour (if you have that much time!)

6. Try to pin at least 25% ORIGINAL CONTENT. Original content can be defined as something that isYOURS, rather than someone else’s. This can mean a photo you took of a chocolate chip banana muffin you made (if you’re a blog), a product available on your website (if you’re an e-commerce site), or anythingelse that you can really call “yours” - as in, YOU made it. Of course, you still want to pin stuff from the other guys too, because Pinterest is basically a giant inspirational mood-board, and you could never, everdream to pin 100% original content, because that would be incredibly difficult. 25% means 1 of every 4 pins is your own, so try your best to keep up with it. 

7. Speaking of original content, try to design or curate your own pins (whenever you have the time) to create more original content. Pinterest users typically respond very well to “designed” original content, namely lists and infographics. If you’re a fashion company, pull together your top 5 pieces for summer in one graphic. If you’re a blogger, maybe it’s the top ten places NOT to wear your engagement ring, or the 5 must see movies starring Audrey Hepburn - people like lists, and they especially like to repin them!

Designed lists and Infographics are popular on Pinterest because they convey information in a visual way. Make them easy to understand, and make them pretty! No idea how to use Photoshop? No problem. Sites like Piktochart (www.piktochart.com/) help you create infographics without the need of design skills. 

8. And finally, ENGAGE with your audience whenever you can. Whether this means pinning regularly, liking pins, repinning other people’s pins, commenting on pins, following other brands/websites you like, or responding back to people who ask a question via Pinterest, just get involved! Pinterest may be a massive mood-board full of deliciously inspiring eye candy, but it is also a social network. Keyword being SOCIAL. Get engaged - it will only help grow your following THAT much faster.

Vintage Travel Look & Feel

{ Monday, August 26, 2013 }

This month, we're in the midst of establishing a look and feel for a new luxury jewelry brand we're happy to be working with this year. Although the brand doesn't have a solid name yet, the jewelry is bold, colorful, and newly made with a vintage-inspired feel. During the branding process, we like to understand as much as we possibly can about the product itself and the eventual woman who will wear it. What are her goals and ambitions? What does she love to do in her spare time? Why does this particular brand resonate so well with her? Inspired by the owners themselves, this brand's look will be inspired by vintage global travel and the colors of some of the most beautiful places on earth. Made to momentarily transport the wearer to another time and place, this brand undoubtedly whispers: "take me away".

Images via:

1. Gary Pepper Girl  2. Anthropologie  3. Kendi Everyday  4. Pinterest  5. Cheeky Chelly  6. Bread & Olives  7. Pinterest  8. Anthropologie  9. Gary Pepper Girl  10. Andrei Robu  11. Darling, Be Darling

Cosmetics & Skincare Package Design

{ Tuesday, August 20, 2013 }

This month DFM will go into deep research mode for one of our favorite product categories: cosmetics and skincare. We love to create and design for cosmetic and skincare brands because they resonate with women everywhere, and there are endless possibilities for what you can create. 

When we dive into the packaging design process, only one final option will make it onto store shelves, but we typically have created several working versions that didn't make it to the finish line. Even so, we still love each design and keep each one stored away in our vault for future reference. Below is one such design for a skincare company that we're particularly fond of. In addition, we've pulled some of our favorite package designs for cosmetics and skincare to get our creative juices flowing.

Images via:

1. DFM design for Onsen  2. Britanie Cosmetiques  3. Fresh  4. Herbivore Botanicals  5. Korres  6. Monsoon  7. Amala Beauty  8. Nars  9. MAKE Cosmetics  10.TokyoMilk

White & Colorful

{ Monday, July 08, 2013 }

We are currently in the midst of a branding and web design project for a wonderful new client that is a lifestyle blog. Our inspiration is to make the site fresh, bold and fun. Here are some images from our original moodboard research. As with any site, this will grow and change, but so far we are loving the theme of white and colorful. 

Images via: 

1. See Heart Pin  2. Envelopes  3. Desktop  4. Orange Stools  5. Turquoise Kitchen  6. Blue Kitchen  7. Flowers

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

{ Thursday, April 18, 2013 }

We all remember Dove's Evolution campaign about the realities of makeup and Photoshop from 2006. The video fast-forwards us through a pretty, but ordinary looking woman going through all the hair, makeup, and retouching that goes into the final, "perfected" looks we see in magazines. The video is just over a minute, but is amazingly eye-opening into the world of what a highly trained team of professional makeup artists and retouchers can do to transform how a woman looks.

This year, Dove came out with their newest campaign, Dove Real Beauty Sketches (by Ogilvy & Mather Brazil), that has the same kind of raw emotional quality to how women see and feel about themselves. This time, a professional forensic sketch artist was hired to draw two portraits of seven different participants: one where the participant describes themselves, and one where a complete stranger describes them. It's a very interesting experiment to explore the way we see ourselves, and the results were eye-opening.

The sketches above show that, without a doubt, the women interviewed described themselves to be much more unattractive than the stranger described them. About themselves, women would say they had a "pointy, protruding chin", a "big forehead", and several other things women tend to get down on themselves about. Strangers described each other as being "thin", with "pretty eyes", and other compliments that were definitely a sharp contrast to the way each woman described herself. 

Empowering women to be their very best is very close to our hearts at DFM, which is exactly why we think this campaign is great. We're so impressed that Dove has made itself so much more than just a company that makes soap - Dove is selling a philosophy: that women should see their natural beauty and love themselves despite all their "imperfections", which are beautiful. Transforming a brand of pretty standard, ordinary soap products into a sort of revolution of women's empowerment is exactly what every marketing professional should aspire to, we think. Dove is making a positive impact on the world... one bar of soap at a time.

Dove Evolution photo from Strategy Online, Dove Beauty Sketches (and video) from AdWeek

Design Blog of the Week: This is Paper

{ Friday, December 14, 2012 }

This week's design blog of the week goes to This is Paper. This is Paper curates a well rounded collection of architecture, product design, fashion design, interior design, fine art, graphic design, and photography. The blog features works that reflects an elegant and delicate design aesthetic full of soft pastels and neutrals complemented by clean lines and a touch of wood here and there. Aside from This is Paper's impeccable taste, we want to highlight that the blog often showcases student work. It is nice to see young artists and designers with fresh new ideas and even nicer to see well-known blogs recognizing the importance of supporting the up and coming not just the established. 

All Images via This is Paper

Romantic Vintage Logos

{ Friday, August 10, 2012 }

This week in the studio we're hard at work trying to create the perfect logo that says "vintage romance" in a modern, contemporary way. We love these black & white logos because they have an old-world feel, but they still feel relevant and packed with emotional appeal . Paired with these black and white photos of couples in love? Swoon.

Images via: 1. What Makes True Love  2. Ray Vellest  3. Creative Confab  4. Designspiration  5. Pinterest  6. Designer Blog  7. Graphic Exchange  8. Designspiration  9. Beautiful Weddings  10. Ray Vellest  11. Graphic Exchange

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