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Eight Sixty Website Launch

{ Wednesday, July 11, 2012 }

So we admit it. We're a bit late updating our News blog... we launched the site for LA fashion brand Eight Sixty in June and we're just now getting around to showing it off to the world! The site is now up and running, and it looks great. The wonderful team at Eight Sixty has taken full advantage of the Blog feature (last photo below), photographing Eight Sixty girls they see in Los Angeles wearing their designs. The site has a full-bleed, rotating slideshow for its home page - perfect for showing off the amazing designs in huge detail. We're looking forward to seeing the next season showcased on the site! To see the site, click here to visit www.eightsixty.com.

Tanya McQueen Blog Launch

{ Wednesday, March 14, 2012 }

It's been a while since we've had blog-worthy news to share - but not for lack of extremely hard work in the meantime! Over the past few months we've been busy, busy bees working away on some amazing new projects that are FINALLY coming to fruition! 

We're absolutely ecstatic to announce the blog launch of our client Tanya McQueen. Tanya, a television personality / actress / mother / designer / entrepreneur / television host / wife / AMAZING CLIENT now has her own personal lifestyle blog where she documents her thoughts, stories about her life (both past and present), what's inspiring her, easy recipes, ideas for cocktail hour, family fun, projects, DIY home decorating, and much, much more. Tanya lives between two very different worlds - small town Texas and big city Los Angeles, and somehow manages to make sense out of it all. Tanya is relatable, wild, down-to-earth, refined, and outrageous all at once - she's quite the personality and we absolutely adore working with her. 

Check out her blog, www.TanyaMcQueen.com, and enjoy the ride!

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