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New Client: Velvet by Graham & Spencer

{ Tuesday, January 15, 2013 }

We are very happy to announce that are working with a new client, Velvet by Graham & Spencer. The West Coast based fashion line creates the most luxurious and comfortable basics to support any wardrobe and lifestyle. Velvet had a humble beginning as a contemporary t-shirt line and quickly expanded after the public went crazy over the high-quality fashion staples. We are extremely excited to work with a brand that embodies California cool and creates designs that are both timeless and effortless. Check out their more recent lookbook, here, to see what we are drooling over.

Eight Sixty Website Launch

{ Wednesday, July 11, 2012 }

So we admit it. We're a bit late updating our News blog... we launched the site for LA fashion brand Eight Sixty in June and we're just now getting around to showing it off to the world! The site is now up and running, and it looks great. The wonderful team at Eight Sixty has taken full advantage of the Blog feature (last photo below), photographing Eight Sixty girls they see in Los Angeles wearing their designs. The site has a full-bleed, rotating slideshow for its home page - perfect for showing off the amazing designs in huge detail. We're looking forward to seeing the next season showcased on the site! To see the site, click here to visit www.eightsixty.com.

Design Sponge SEO Cheat Sheet

{ Tuesday, March 27, 2012 }

After several weeks of writing, re-working, proofing, and editing, followed by about a month waiting in the queue - it's finally up! The SEO Cheat Sheet that we wrote for Design*Sponge's BIZ LADIES went up today, and we can barely contain our excitement! At DFM, we support women entrepreneurs in all of their creative and business efforts. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process you can do to your website to make it show up as #1 on Google, but unfortunately, it can be very complicated and difficult to understand. To support all of our savvy business ladies out there, we wrote an article that should give readers a better understand of what SEO does, how it works, and how you can use it to improve your business - for free. Please, give it a read and pass it on to any women (or men, for that matter) who might be able to benefit from it! We sincerely hope it helps. Click here to read it!

SEO cheat sheet

New Client: Onsen

{ Friday, March 23, 2012 }

We're extremely happy to announce a brand new client of ours, luxury skincare manufacturer Onsen. Based here in LA, Onsen produces a line of innovative, high-end skincare products that are based on the minerals found in Japanese hot springs. We're doing a variety of things for Onsen including some new packaging, branding, and a new website. We're in the very beginning stages of what we're sure will be an amazing project, and we look forward to working with the Onsen team! For now, check out their products here (new website should be coming in July 2012!)

New Client: Eight Sixty

{ Tuesday, March 20, 2012 }

We've actually been working with Eight Sixty on designing their new website for a few months now, but it's finally designed and ready to be developed! We're excited to be able to work with a company that's in our own neighborhood - right down the street, actually, which has proved to be extremely convenient! Eight Sixty is an LA based fashion label for city girls with great style that like to take fashion risks and experiment with their looks. Pieces from their line are already being sold in stores like Nordstrom & Bloomingdales, as well as websites like Piperlime.com, Revolveclothing.com, and Shopstyle.com. Having their own e-commerce website will definitely take them to the next level. Their new collection is really fantastic - you'll be able to see it all on their new website within a month or so! Until then, here's a small teaser:

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Website Launch

{ Thursday, September 29, 2011 }

Drawing From Memory announces the launch of a new website for Los Angeles based furniture designer Alexandra Von Furstenberg!

The new website for AVF focuses on functionality. True to the Alexandra Von Furstenberg brand, the site is exploding with color, and showcases the exquisite pieces in her line with larger photos and new organization. Directed to make functionality the main goal of the line, DFM has created a website that allows for fast, easy, and organized shopping.

New to the website is a wholesale division, which allows for a much faster process behind-the-scenes at AVF. Wholesalers now have their own private shopping section on the site, which allows them to create an account and purchase items faster. Since AVF operates with a small staff that is constantly working as hard and fast as possible, this new function allows the web to take over some of the process, meaning more time available for Alexandra and her team to do what they do best: designing amazingly unique and colorful lucite furniture and accessories.

Check out the new Alexandra Von Furstenberg site at www.alexandravonfurstenberg.com

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Home Page

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Collection Page (Coffee Tables)

Alexandra Von Furstenberg Wholesale Sign-Up Page

Lawson-Fenning Website Launch

{ Thursday, September 29, 2011 }

Drawing From Memory announces the launch of a new website for Los Angeles based furniture designers Lawson-Fenning!

The new website for designer duo Glenn Lawson and Grant Fenning showcases the modern styling of mid-century Californian and Scandinavian design that makes up the key aesthetic of their line. Given direction to make the site clean, sophisticated, and simple, DFM designed the new website to show off the beauty and craftsmanship of each piece. Complete with simple, easy navigation and hundreds of new photos, the site uses HTML instead of Flash (not compatible on the iPad), making it an exciting improvement for the brand .

Next up for Lawson-Fenning is an e-commerce component to the website, which will mimmick the duo’s store in Silver Lake, selling fantastic home decor items at a lower cost. Customers will be able to browse for and purchase small items such as candles, brass bottle openers, and books, as well as larger items such as bowls, baskets, and pillows, all directly from the website with a simple, streamlined, and secure checkout process. Make sure to check out the Lawson-Fenning e-commerce store, launching in mid-October!

The new Lawson-Fenning site can be seen at www.lawsonfenning.com

Lawson-Fenning Home Page

Lawson-Fenning Collection Page (Seating)

Example of a Lawson Fenning Product Page (Montrose Chair)

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