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We were so psyched when Refinery29 reached out to us asking for the coolest business cards we've designed, what an honor! We were even more thrilled when they featured ours as #1 and put us right on the homepage. We're always making insanely cool business cards for our clients, so be sure to check back to keep up with all the awesome stuff happening at DFM! To see more of our cards, check out our blog post showcasing all of our favorites.

Selvarey Rum Trade Show Booth

{ Tuesday, April 22, 2014 }

This month we are proud to show off the amazing trade show booth we created for our client Selvarey. A new brand of premium rum based in Los Angeles, Selvarey attended the WSWA convention this month to debut the brand in the wholesale market. DFM created the booth and tradeshow materials all the way from concept and designs to sourcing and overseeing of the various manufacturers used to bring the Selvarey brand to life. Below are a few shots of the finished booth from the actual trade show in Las Vegas - needless to say, we're so pleased with how everything turned out! See more from Selvarey on the recently launched website we designed for them, www.selvarey.com!

New Client: Velvet by Graham & Spencer

{ Tuesday, January 15, 2013 }

We are very happy to announce that are working with a new client, Velvet by Graham & Spencer. The West Coast based fashion line creates the most luxurious and comfortable basics to support any wardrobe and lifestyle. Velvet had a humble beginning as a contemporary t-shirt line and quickly expanded after the public went crazy over the high-quality fashion staples. We are extremely excited to work with a brand that embodies California cool and creates designs that are both timeless and effortless. Check out their more recent lookbook, here, to see what we are drooling over.

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